New Chef - New Taste

Meet our new Chef. Stefan Reynolds. Stefan comes to us from Spencer’s Steak & Chop and also previously from Luna. We will be posting an interview with him shortly so you can get to know him and what inspires his creativity. 


Yesterday we got some fresh halibut in along with a box of incredibly beautiful oyster mushrooms from Sasquatch Sous .  Chef put together his first special last night. It was a pan seared halibut with a fish broth on celery root puree and a side of confit pancetta, arugula, oyster mushrooms and fried leeks. All the components went together so nicely. The delicate and balanced broth complimented the delicate fish and left room for the taste of the mushrooms and arugula’s taste to come out. Delicious!


Some of our regulars and even our staff worry about a new chef coming in. What’s going to change? “We can’t take off the Cubano or the piccata!” Well, any Chef that takes pride in his work will eventually want to make the menu more of his own. Chef Stefan also realizes the popularity of our items and will respect what the guests want. You will slowly see new items, maybe some changes to older items, but overall you can still expect and trust that whatever you order from us, you will still get the same (or better) quality and taste experiences you’ve come to trust from Craft & Gather. We are excited for what’s to come. 

It was always our goal since we started planning this place to be the best restaurant in the Valley. Wherever we fall on that scale currently, we will never be satisfied and will strive to be better every day. Keep following us for what we are up to. And always feel free to write us with your feedback and suggestions.  

Thank you Spokane Valley! 

Darrin Sander